Webtuesday is a monthly meeting of web professionals (nerds) in / near Zürich. The format is normally a 1 hour talk followed by drinks nearby. Webtuesday is said to be toughest IT audience around.

Helping Out

Webtuesday is effectively cost free - it costs nothing to attend and has no direct costs to run. Help and input is needed though - see how to get in touch if you can do something for webtuesday.

Venues / Places to Meet

One of webtuesday's "features" is we always meet at someone's office, in or around Zürich and that we try to pick a different office each time.

To date, companies which have helped out include (in no particular order) Liip, Local.ch, Namics, search.ch and quite some more.

Right now this is the biggest problem - peak attendance is ~50 people and average probably around ~25 so webtuesday is getting too big for the average meeting room. There also needs to be a reasonable drinks location nearby, able to cope with that kind of crowd.

If you can help, please get in touch.

Talk Topics

Always on the look out for interesting talks. Some guidelines:

If you can help, please get in touch.

Spreading the Word

We'd rather be small, focused and tough than big and boastful. But we're on Twitter, so feel free to retweet our tweets.


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