HOWTO Organise a Webtuesday

Organising a webtuesday means doing the following (read - this is how it's worked the past couple of years - change it for the better);

You can simply start organizing a webtuesday for the free dates. Make sure you ping @webtuesday about your intentions to make sure the date is still free.

  1. Find a date - webtuesday always happens on the 2nd Tuesday of the month
  2. Update the page for the given meeting
    • Edit or create the event page using the git repository
    • note the URL carefully
    • easiest thing is to copy the source of an existing page, copy and paste
  3. Find a speaker
    • normally do this well ahead of time (e.g. a month or more)
    • talks are normally ~50minutes
    • ideally topic should be something the speaker actually does / has experience of
    • around 1-2 weeks before the event start "nagging" for the talk title, add to wiki page and other platforms
    • this assumes you want to go with a 1-talk format
  4. Find a location (as early as possible before the event)
    • option a) get in touch with somewhere where webtuesday has been before - Namics in particular have been kind enough to offer to host webtuesday pretty much any time - talk to Jürg Stuker
    • option b) find a new location...
      • Needs to be able to fit at least 30
      • Ideally the office of someone who attends webtuesday
      • Another option: Christian Stocker would be able to sort out space at Uni ZH but so far have always avoided it - find that location too "studenty", which isn't really the webtuesday vibe. Axel Beckert once tried to get space at ETH, but being a non-ETH event, we would have to pay rent for the room, so this is probably no option.
      • So far have applied a rule of no requirement for personal costs for anyone involved (i.e. paying for space, paying for food/drinks)
  5. Announce... places I've done this in the past, depending on motivation that month...
    • Required
    • Required announcements mailing list believe this acts as a reminder for many - usually try to do this in the week before webtuesday, so give bloggers a chance to make noise (although the bloggers are pretty lazy re: webtuesday these days ;))
    • @webtuesday on Twitter
    • - this has actually helped quite a few find webtuesday
  6. Find somewhere for post-event drinks - generally places that "suck" are better than Zurichs most love nightspots, before you'll easily fit 30 people there and loud music is just annoying in this context. Give the place a warning by calling in advance. Everywhere where webtuesday has been before is listed here.

The rest is hopefully obvious.