March 13, 2007

Meeting at 19:30 - location: namics Z├╝rich @ Konradstrasse 12. Verrrrry close to the main station and tram stop Shilquai #4 and #12.

Slides and Links


Website Meta Language -- Webseiten generieren nach Unix-Art by Axel

(Talk will probably be in English, slides will be in German.)

Dynamic web pages are "in" nowadays, but often it's only a waste of cpu time and memory resources because seldomly every page on a website is really dynamic. Some of them just change from time to time and inbetween every request shows exactly the same page, but is generated dynamically every time just because of a consistent design.

The Website Meta Language (WML, not to confuse with the Wireless or the Wesnoth Markup Language) is a Unix (and since recently also Windows) toolkit for easiley generating static HTML pages using macros and filters. It is implemented as a bunch of filters, used in one big and mighty pipe (think commandline) as well as a make-like tool for only updating what needs to be updated. WML "generates HTML the way real hackers always wanted to".