June 12, 2007

Meeting at 19:30 - location: namics


Next generation data storage with CouchDb

by Jan Lehnardt

As always, the digital world is evolving. Quickly. Yet, the way we store our data was envisioned decades(!) ago. To accommodate today's needs, wild solutions are tacked onto old systems. This practice is commonly known as hacking. While these solutions work great for a number of people, they share a fundamental flaw: They are hacks who pervert the original idea of the system's design and implementation.

CouchDb is designed to fulfil data storage requirements in modern times. It doesn't come with legacy to support and without hacks to make it work on current and future systems. If you are looking for ways to save, see, secure and share your data as in The four pillars of data management, CouchDb supports all of them:

CouchDb directly supports distributed multi-machine setups with multiple-core CPUs. Out of the box. I'll show you the box and how to open it.