January 13, 2009

Meeting at 19:30 - location: Liip.


"C# for Skeptics" by Atif Aziz.

C# has just turned 10 years old from its time of conception. Now in its third (and soon fourth) iteration, it has steadily improved with each version to bring new and some time-tested ideas in an elegant and coherent manner, allowing programmers to code problems and manage complexity ever-more-so-succinctly. Originally perceived as a Java rip-off, C# has gained the reputation of being a language standing on its own two feet, with some distinct design and direction. C# today delivers on object- and component-oriented programming, native access, functional programming, language-integrated query (LINQ), code generation, dynamic programming and more in a very pragmatic and approachable manner and in an otherwise fairly statically-typed language. Come find out how. No previous experience in C# is required to attend. You just need to have a curiosity and an open mind about possibly not-your-programming-language-du-jour.