August 11, 2009

Meeting at 19:30 - location: namics



After talking a lot about frameworks and programming languages, Webtuesday this time goes to a different part of the web stack: to the webserver - and to a brand new and very special one indeed, presented by special guest Pierre Gauthier.

«Making it 4 times faster than the best!»

Our speaker Pierre Gauthier runs Trustleap, the company behind G-WAN, a free (as in beer) web server with applications written (scripted) in C. Pierre's benchmarks say that G-WAN is 15x faster than Apache, 3x faster than Rock (SPECweb's latest winner) and 4x faster than Microsoft IIS 7.0's ASP.Net.

At this event we'll take a close look at G-WAN, discuss the main concepts and motivations and will then dive deep into the optimization techniques involved.

Pierre Gauthier started to work on computers in assembly language at the age of 11. Six months later, he was publishing the source code of his programs in professional magazines. One year later, SHARP Corporation used his code to play sounds on three octaves with the 1360 SHARP computer. And, two years later, he was creating tailor-made applications for companies. Since then, Pierre has delivered many new technologies from a real-time software 3D engine for ATARI to the real-time OCR and hand-signature recognition on bank-checks, always demonstrating a real passion for problems generally considered as "impossible" to resolve.