September 8, 2009

Meeting at 19:30 - location: Zeix


«Three Open Source Frameworks for Functional Tests: Fit/FitNesse, Concordion & Cucumber» by Markus Gaelli.

There are three main types of automated testing:

Customers in agile projects need to define when they consider a user story to be done. Developers need to know at the beginning of an iteration under when they can ship the story as done. As a consequence customers need to define the test criteria for the automatic tests of a story before there is a GUI on which to capture automatic GUI tests.

Only functional testing can help here, as unit tests are too technical and GUI tests are too late and also too brittle. Based on his industrial experience, our member [[members:markus.gaelli]] will introduce and compare three prominent open source functional testing frameworks Fit/FitNesse, Concordion and Cucumber.