May 8, 2012

We meet at 19:30 at Namics Z├╝rich, Bederstrasse 1.

Please take the time to sign up.


Symfony2 by code

Symfony2, by many consireder the leading PHP framework these days, was totally rewritten to provide a set of decoupled components for the Symfony community to build a fullstack "HTTP framework".
The focus lies on providing the best possible integration with HTTP. That being said, the end result is a framework that re-uses the best of many other frameworks like Java's Spring and Python's Django, leveraging open standards like HTTP Caching and ESIs natively but re-uses 3rd party components like Doctrine/Propel, Assetic, Monolog or Twig where it makes sense.
Thanks to the concept of `Bundles`, there are now over 1k ready made high level OSS packages which further extend the core functionality. This talk will walk the audience through a simple Symfony2 application illustrating with real code how all the pieces work together.


Lukas Smith has been doing PHP since before the turn of the century. His involvement in the PHP community has seen him speak at conferences around the globe, documenting the PHP release process, becoming co-release-manager for PHP 5.3 and co-creator of the first Symfony2 component based framework even before there was Symfony2.
These days he spends most of his open souce time on Symfony2 as well as PHPCR, a port of the Java Content Repository specification to PHP.


There will be none. Only code on Github .