July 10, 2012

We meet at 19:30 at Namics Zürich, Bahnhof Enge. Sign up on Techup!


Terrific Concept

First we'll get an overview over the modularization approach of Terrific. This will lead us to the two main projects of Terrific – TerrificJS & Terrific Composer


TerrificJS is a nice little JavaScript framework – based on jQuery – that helps you to modularize your JavaScript code in a very natural way.

We'll take a look at the concepts and features of TerrificJS to see how it helps you to reduce frontend complexity.

Terrific Composer

The Terrific Composer is a Frontend Development Framework that aims to make your life easier. It takes the modularization approach of Terrific and provides you a project structure that enables you to start right away.


Remo Brunschwiler, Lead Developer of Terrific & Senior Software Engineer at Namics AG in St. Gallen.