August 14, 2012


We meet at 18:00 at The Hub (map), we get a 360° frontend dev kick, have a drink and go on with the Swiss Open Source Awards ceremony - and another drink perhaps.

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18:00: Scrolling through Langstrasse with Severin Klaus

360° Langstrasse presents Zurich's most urban street as a guided, stylized StreetView-like tour, lending it almost cinematic qualities. The project has won many, many, many, awards.

We'll look into the technical quirks around building the frontend and talk about graphics and loading performance, browser optimizations and lots of parallax fun. We'll be lead by Severin Klaus (@betabong), Head of Interaction Development at Hinderling Volkart.

See also: Slides, Tutorial.

19:30 Swiss Open Source Awards

For the 5th year a renowned jury will award Switzerland's most innovative and impactful Open Source projects.

The Swiss Open Source Awards are all about cultivating a culture of open innovation and giving respect to outstanding members of our community. Let's help giving kudos to some great hackers and makers from all over Switzerland!

Venue and drinks provided by /ch/open.