September 11, 2012

We meet 19:30 at ETHZ HG, Rämistrasse 101, room E 33.1.

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We'll have the amazing guys of EVRYTHNG, Vlad Trifa and Dominique Guinard. They're building a real-time "Facebook of Things", following up on the vision of a Web of Things in which embedded devices become first-class citizens of the Web - and every day objects such as cars, bikes, TVs, mobile phones or plants can talk to each other using HTTP.

The two engineers will show us how to easily web-enabled various sensors and actuators as well as NFC, EPC and QR tags and how to bootstrap the access to their virtual profiles on the EVRYTHNG engine.

Their slogan: your objects will soon have a Facebook profile, make sure you tag them before they'll tag you!