November 12, 2013

This month we won’t have one but three talks at the webtuesday! organised recently an internal engeneering conferece. We will get to hear three of the most web-related talks condensed in 3 x 20mins.

1. Docker presented by Eduard Schäli

A brief intro and live demonstration using Docker to set up a Linux container instance, with support for Ruby on Rails hosting.

2. Locomotive CMS presented by Thomas Preusse

Thomas will then describe Locomotive CMS, it’s strengths/weaknesses and explain how uses it. He will do a live demo in which he sets up Locomotive (using the Docker container that Edi set up in the previous talk for deployment). He will then quickly build a JSON API using the web interface.

3. Angular.js presented by Jonas Wagner

Jonas will then do a live demo in which he bootstraps an Angular.js app, connects to the CMS JSON API that was created by Thomas, and makes a simple working HTML5 app to browse and search the data from the CMS.


The meeting starts at 19:00 at the Mila office: Seestrasse 356, 8038 Zurich.

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