September 16th, 2014

Harry Fuecks: HOI! How made a side project happen

What began as a joke...

"What if we make a 'Yo' clone for Switzerland... and call it 'Hoi'?"

... suddenly became living thing when the first version hit the Android Play Store at the end of July 2014, much to the surprise of all those involved. Even more surprising was getting featured in Spiegel Online and Schweizer Illustriete.

This is the story of how an out-of-hours side project actually got launched, without loss of hair or sleep, thanks to the power of Along the way I'll be touring some of the more interesting bits of, from "Cloud Code" and Push messages to asynchronous Javascript and Promises and why you should give it a serious look next time you have a development itch to scratch.

Special Bonus Material: "social" hacks that could get your project seen in Schweizer Illustriete.

About Harry Fuecks

Harry Fuecks is a random dude that does things at places like and usually responds to @hfuecks on twitter.

When and where

The meeting starts at 19:00 at Liip's new place at Limmatstrasse 183, five minutes from Zurich's main station.

Sign up

The link to sign up will be online soon.