October 13th, 2015

Webtuesday October: Lightning talks edition!

The beloved lightning talks format is back! We will meet on the 13th of October to listen to up to 5 people sharing their knowledge about anything related to the web development world.

The principle?

Each speaker gets 10mins, a beamer (if needed) and the attention of the crowd.

The only hard rule is about the time. After 10min, the speaker will be stopped and the stage given to the next speaker.

How to participate?

Contact us via twitter (@webtuesday) or mail (org[ at ]webtuesday.ch) or just take one of the free spots by editing the techup page


The list of the talks is maintained on techup.

When and where

The meeting starts at 19:00. We do not have a location set yet. If you want to host this event contact us.

Sign up

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